About Us

The Pool Store was opened in 2010 by Bill Alberding, B.J. Alberding, and Brandy Enlow. Bill has been in the pool business in the Tulsa area since the '70's while B.J. and Brandy literally grew up in the business. This real world experience and problem solving is what sets The Pool Store apart from its competitors.

Need a part for that 30 year old filter? We're familiar with it and know where to get it. Having a problem with your water chemistry? There isn't a problem we haven't seen dozens of times. We don't rely on the manufacturer's word that a product works or that it's the next big thing. We research the products we carry. We know how they work in the real world, not just in some lab or manufacturer's testing facility.

The Pool Store is owned and operated by a family. We invite you to come and join our extended family and see how we can empower you with the right knowledge, the right products, and the right service to make your pool or spa experience a positive one.